Trip's Vanillite
Trip Vanillite
Trip's Vanillite



Debuts In

Ash and Trip's Third Battle!





Obtained In


Current Location

With Trip

Trip's Vanillite is a Pokemon owned by Trip. It was seen alongside Timburr in BW031.


Vanillite appeared in Ash and Trip's Third Battle! where it was seen trapping a wild Palpitoad with Ice Beam while Trip attempted to capture the Vibration Pokemon. It was later sent out to battle against Ash's Tepig in Trip's third battle with Ash at Route 4. Even though they were at equal level, Vanillite and Tepig both fell simultaneously.

Known AttacksEdit

Ice Beam Ash and Trip's Third Battle!
Icicle Spear Ash and Trip's Third Battle!
Ice Shard Ash and Trip's Third Battle!
Blizzard Ash and Trip's Third Battle!

Voice ActorsEdit

In JapanEdit

  • Chika Fujimura

In DubEdit

  • Emily Jenness

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