Trip's Servine
Trip Servine
Trip's Servine

Debuts In

In The Shadow of Zekrom!







Evolves in

Prior to Triple Leaders, Triple Threats!

Obtained at

Nuvema Town

Current Location

With Trip

Trip's Servine is known to be his starter Pokemon. It was obtained from Professor Juniper in Nuvema Town as a Snivy.


As SnivyEdit

Trip Snivy

As a Snivy.

Servine was a Snivy in The Shadow of Zekrom! where he was one of the three Unova region's Starter Pokemon. He was then chosen by Trip. After being obtained from Professor Juniper, Trip challenged Ash and used Snivy against Ash's Pikachu. Due to Pikachu being unable to use any Electric-type attacks, he was able to use Leaf Tornado to defeat it.

As ServineEdit

It was revealed to Ash that he evolved into Servine after Triple Leaders, Triple Threats! when Ash challenged Trip to another battle. Servine fought against Pikachu again and defeated it with Cut. When it fought against Ash's Snivy, he fell victim and was infatuated to her Attract and then was defeated by a powerful Leaf Blade.

It battles Ash's Snivy again in Ash and Trip's Third Battle! where he dodged Attract this time with a powerful Leaf Tornado and defeated her with a speedy and strong Cut. It was revealed that Servine had grown stronger and was able to dodge stat moves to Ash's surprise.

Servine's AttacksEdit

As a SnivyEdit

  • Tackle
  • Leaf Tornado

As a ServineEdit

  • Cut

Voice actors/actressesEdit

In JapanEdit

  • Shin'ichiro Miki as Snivy
  • Kiyotaka Furushima as Servine

In DubEdit

  • Jason Griffith as Snivy
  • Jason Griffith as Servine


  • Servine is the first Pokemon to belong to a rival being obtained from a regional professor.tsduringddddd