Ash's Palpitoad
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Ash's Palpitoad is the seventh Pokemon caught by Ash in the Unova region.


Palpitoad was first seen in Facing Fear With Eyes Wide Open!, where it was the leader of a pack of Tympole at a local pond near Route 4. When it saw Ash and Oshawott invade its territory, Palpitoad ordered its army to attack them, which gave Oshawott enough time to open his eyes to defeat them with Razor Shell. Later, he is seen battling Ash's Oshawott while his friend Stunfisk was being caught by Cilan. After using its powerful Supersonic, Hydro Pump, and Mud Shot attacks, Palpitoad fell to Oshawott's Aqua Jet and was caught in the end.

In Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!, it was used in its first major Pokemon battle against Burgundy's Stoutland in the first round of the Nimbasa Town Club Battle Tournament. It had a love for battling, and proved it had that passion when it fought Stoutland and eventually defeated it after using a powerful Hydro Pump. It reappeared shortly in Club Battle Finale:A Hero's Outcome! where it defeated Dino's Darumaka in the Semi-Final round so Ash could transfer to the final round against Iris.

In BW050, Palpitoad was the first Pokemon used in Ash's fourth Unova Gym battle with Elesa. It fought against Elesa's Zebstrika. In the battle, he was the right choice for Ash since he took its Flame Charge and Double Kick attacks. He was able to defeat her powerful Zebstrika. He went up against Emolga where he was revealed to be a male when Attract worked and was defeated by a couple of Aerial Aces while unable to keep up with its speed.

Palpitoad's AttacksEdit

As PalpitoadEdit

  • Mud Shot
  • Hydro Pump
  • Supersonic

Voice Actors/actressesEdit

In JapanEdit

  • Chiaki Takahashi

In DubEdit

  • Carter Cathcart


  • Palpitoad is Ash's first Water/Ground type Pokemon.
  • Palpitoad is Ash second final-evolved Pokemon, the first was his Shiny Noctowl.